What gems can we discover in peer supervision?

Supervision is an essential part of the support framework for professional coaches. Most of us have our own professional supervisors, even our own coaches and therapists. If we make time we can also touch base with other coaching professionals to share tips and co-coach (e.g the AC regional forums).

However, there is an added richness and depth of learning that is possible in the context of a regular, committed group. The concept of learning in groups of peers,circle of friends large yellow our considered equals, is age old and its value understood and appreciated: increased trust, built over time, accountability, encouragement and learning from ourselves, each other AND from the group entity that grows. In this time when ‘expertise’ and ‘experience’ is valued so highly, are we – whose aim it is to support our clients to discover their own wisdom –  sometimes overlooking the gems amidst our own professional community?

In the final phase of my training in Gestalt group work, and in a response to a perceived (and discussed) need in the coaching community, from January 2016 I will be facilitating a peer supervision group for coaching professionals, in Brighton. A space for coaches to reflect, challenge, review, improve and develop their coaching practice through a series of facilitated peer supervision sessions (encompassing client work, method and approach, business development).  The structure will be flexible and responsive but models that I propose working with at the start will be ‘Peer Supervision in the Thinking Environment’ – using Nancy Kline’s model to support and encourage independent thinking and problem solving with peer support; and ‘Coaching Circle’, an Action Learning style model adapted by Relational Dynamics.

Sessions  will be monthly on Friday mornings and will be 2.5 hours in duration. The group size will be a maximum of ten. Cost – very low and to suit!

Who can join? Group members’ requirements: Industry recognised professional coaching training and minimum 2 years experience as a practicing coach (currently working with coaching clients). Willingness to commit to all sessions where possible and, ideally, a minimum of 4 out of 6.  (there may be an option to continue beyond that)

Interested? All enquiries are welcome. The remaining places must be filled by the end of December. Please get in touch to express interest or with further questions – contact me.