“Emma is a highly skilled and sensitive coach. Having worked together previously in theatre many years ago, I was happy to place my faith in Emma to guide me through a process of leadership development as part of my project: ‘The Ballad of Skinny Lattes and Vintage Clothing’. Her observations were insightful and inspiring and in no small measure responsible for the developments and successes since. I would heartily recommend her to anyone who is contemplating undertaking a similar process.” Joseph Young, Artist, Activist, Cultural Producer

“My series of coaching sessions have given me an entirely new perspective on my personal and professional self. There have been immediate benefits both for me, and the business, as I have greatly enhanced my focus, and confidence, establishing a firm basis from which to operate, day-to-day and longer-term. In fairly uncertain times these skills of self-reliance seem extremely valuable, and I sincerely thank Emma for helping bring them into play!” Cindy Cox, Co-Director, Culture Shift

“Thank you Emma – your sensitive and intelligent listening has given me space to explore a transition time in my career. I got to explore and think creatively about what I am up to in my work, in balance with the rest of life.  Emma is very good at what she does – the process has been both thoughtful and invigorating.”  Dan Lake, Creative Projects and Production

“Emma delivered an exceptional Thinking Environment training day for British Gas internal communicators and leadership training facilitators. It was unanimously well received by all participants. She showed us how to create a better meeting culture through generative listening and thinking using the Thinking Environment framework. She did this through the perfect balance of theory and practice. She lives and breathes the Thinking Environment approach holding the space with attention, ease and appreciation. She put a huge amount of thought into tailoring the training to our needs and further adapted the session as the day progressed to meet our emerging needs on the day. She is a breath of fresh air; intelligent, creative, business-savvy and captivating. If you want to shake up your organisation’s meeting culture – look no further.’ Tania Menegatti, Internal Communications Business Partner, British Gas

“Emma created a safe and respectful space for me to explore within and outside of myself. I was graced with the time for Emma to listen to me and ask pertinent questions that would help me to challenge, unpick, unblock, question and shift my inner assumptions and perspectives. Emma exudes professionalism and warmth and really gave me the permission to honour my own thoughts and feelings in a compassionate and creative way. Thank you!” Jedda Donnelly, Creative Programme Manager.

“Emma has a natural warmth and passion in her coaching style that I have been fortunate to experience. In just a few sessions I have been able to make steady progress in my personal development with Emma’s support and expertise. I’m looking forward to working with Emma again in the near future as my coach.”  Harpreet Kaur, Creative Producer.

Emma has that rare combination of a sharp business sense with a strong artistic instinct. Her work is always thorough, challenging and generous which makes for a rich collaboration.”  Richard Hahlo & Jem Wall, Artistic Directors, Hydrocracker Theatre.

An outstandingly generous and creative thinker, Emma has a wonderful ability to act as both an excellent sounding board and sage advisor. This, coupled with her experienced, mature, professional approach and sense of humour greatly supported my artistic vision allowing me to pursue each new project with curiosity, renewed confidence and more clarity.”   Lindsey Butcher, Artistic Director, Gravity & Levity

“Emma helped me to explore my options and find confidence in my decision making. She is very good at asking the difficult questions you have been trying so hard to avoid, then supporting you to find the answer to them, thus enabling you to move forward! Emma’s style is open and warm and I found her very easy to talk with, I always looked forward to my sessions with her.”  Ruth Dudman, Independent Producer

“I found working with Emma to be relaxed and focused. The process and techniques that she employs felt considered and bespoke, and she has a nurturing quality whilst guiding you through questions and challenges that enable you to discover the answers for yourself. It was an extremely worthwhile experience, one which I would highly recommend.” Rowena Price, Communications Coordinator, South East Dance.

“I was able to look at the feelings that have been holding me back and to have the space to explore them, rather than getting pulled away by all the usual distractions. I understood more about what is holding me back and what the solutions are. I now have more faith to try new things and to realise that stepping out of the rut doesn’t mean throwing everything up in the air and starting from scratch. I feel I can shape the direction of my work in a more controlled and more effective way, steering it towards something new by building on what I have.”  Photographer and Writer, Jim Banks.

“Emma’s coaching has allowed me to look at my business and myself more objectively.  It gave me the opportunity to discuss and analyze issues within my business and my way of working and allowed me to come up with the answers to my own questions. Through the coaching I learned more about myself and my values, about the way I work and it has given me insight into the direction I wish to take both personally and professionally. It was a rewarding and enjoyable experience and I would definitely recommend Emma’s coaching.”  Martin O’Neill; Owner, The Brighton Beach Store, Filf Surf Shop, Bone Idol Ltd

“Coaching for me was a truly life changing event.   All those doors you thought shut – opened.  Emma’s approach with coaching offers you a shortcut to self enlightenment and empowerment.  I can’t rate it highly enough.  If you want to invest in one thing for yourself or your business – do this.”  Collette Haynes, Owner, Ashurst Farm.

“Emma’s coaching sessions have been brilliant. Her skills have enabled me to establish a firm focused base for my business and her ability as a coach has given me the tools to develop and expand the business myself. Thank you Emma.”  Martin McCurdy Architecture, Brighton.