I am a professional coach and arts consultant with over twenty five years experience of supporting individuals and organisations in the arts, creative and social sectors to realise their vision and potential.Emma

Alongside my accredited coaching skills I bring the diversity of my experience, my curiosity and my tenacity to enable organisations and individuals to manage change and develop themselves and their work positively and purposefully. In managing challenging situations, I facilitate creative solutions as well as supporting the emotional journey that so often accompanies change.

I use a range of approaches, responsive to the needs and preferences of my clients, including one to one and group coaching, facilitation, training, mentoring and consultancy.

As a coach I create a safe, generative thinking space for clients to unlock potential, increase awareness and insight in order to achieve personal, professional and organisational development. More about my coaching work here.

As an arts consultant – in areas including fundraising, strategic planning, organisational and company development – I often use coaching techniques to deepen the client’s learning. More about my consultancy work here.

My approach, at both individual and organisational level, leads to fuller investment in change and a sustainable legacy.