“Coaching is unlocking people’s potential to maximise their own performance” 

John Whitmore, Coaching for Performance

What could coaching do for you? 

Coaching provides a supportive, challenging and dedicated framework for personal and professional and organisational development. 

IMG_2736Coaching and a ‘relational dynamics’ approach to all forms of leadership and decision-making feels increasingly relevant as a means of support in navigating our way through the many choices, pressures and hurdles of life and work (so often intertwined).  A short piece of really focused, creative and rich thinking can have a long and enduring impact for the ‘coachee’ and a ripple-effect to those connected to them.

Successful coaching releases insight, know-how and untapped creativity in an individual, and within groups. It can therefore bring vital support to those seeking change, a shift in gear and renewed focus. Through the coaching series you will access and process thoughts and ideas that will challenge perceived barriers and map out a route to change and development.
The impact of this work can be diverse and often surprising.

Coaching is a highly successful tool in  –

  • Developing leaders and leadership insight
  • Reigniting an organisation/business’ ethos and culture
  • Strengthening and building personal and professional relationships
  • Improving communication – interpersonal and professional
  • Facilitating career change or diversification
  • Challenging and breaking repeat patterns in work and/or life
  • Increasing self-awareness, confidence and resilience

“Thinking for yourself is still a radical act.”

Nancy Kline, Time To Think

How does it work?

My role is to create a safe space – a dedicated, focused YOU space – where you can do your most challenging and productive thinking. I will listen, attentively and rigorously, and ask questions, reflect and offer insight where needed.

Where?  – IMG_2376Coaching sessions take place either in a virtual or physical space. We will discuss and agree this in our initial call. 

How long and how often?  – Sessions can be 1 hour or longer. The length of sessions, session frequency and number of sessions are agreed with each client on an individual basis. There is no ‘one size fits all’.

How much? –  I have a basic rate (provided on request) but also offer discounts where appropriate, discussed confidentially with each client.

What next? – Please Contact Me to arrange an initial call (free of charge) where I can provide more information and we can discuss how this could work for you.

What kind of coach? My qualifications and experience  – I am an accredited Relational Dynamics Coach (having graduated in 2011, with Distinction): Relational Dynamics takes ‘a contemporary look at how we interact with ourselves and others’.

Having completed the Time to Think  Thinking Partnerships training in 2012, I went on to train with Nancy Kline in 2014, qualifying as a Time To Think Coach. My continued programme of professional development also includes Gestalt theory and practice and in particular its application in group facilitation, as well as keen interest in mindfulness and studies in neuropsychology in relation to coaching.

I receive regular professional supervision. I am an Associate Member of the Association for Coaching (AC)  and I conform to the code of ethics and practice as laid out by the AC and have the appropriate insurance cover.

Background  – My coaching work follows a natural evolution from the work I have been doing for over 20 years with artists and creative companies. The inherent qualities of empathy, good listening, trust and empowerment were key to the successful, productive relationships with my creative partners and clients. These remain essential ingredients in my work as a coach.