Nelson Mandela

index “Let freedom reign. The sun never set on so glorious a human achievement.” Nelson Mandela.

Today, I am thinking about Nelson Mandela, who died yesterday on 5th December. He is now truly free and leaves us with a legacy that is far bigger than his human life. I hope that this legacy can be championed by each one of us. I hope I can hold the value of freedom and importance of equality  in my heart, listen to it in my thoughts and see it in my actions. Tomorrow evening 50 of us – Jam Tarts choir – will sing ‘Free Nelson Mandela’ to an audience of 450 people. A song which has a wider resonance now, as oppression and inequality remains rife across the globe. For those 500 of us he will be there, and his legacy will be singing in all of us. I hope the leaders of the world are listening!