Cup half full for 2013…

Three days in and so far my resolution to be more optimistic is being tested… sitting at my desk facing a list of things to do including writing something interesting to share with the world out there, looking out at the grey skies outside. Well, I could look at it that way: cup half empty version. Or, applying the resolution I could see the cup half full version: facing a list of things to do, yes, but many of which will lead to working with some great people, and to learning more; writing a blog allows me to reflect on my work and life and to think about how it connects with the rest of the world: I think we should all do more of this! And, as for grey skies… Hey, its NOT raining.

2012 began for me in the warmth of my beautiful family and Australian sunshine (remember sunshine?.. we had a glimpse of it on January 1st 2013). An amazing start to the year and it was difficult to come back to harsh winter climes but I was excited about my work and pushed hard to build my coaching practice and, somewhat to my surprise, my business plan began to happen. Throughout the year I’ve had the immense pleasure of coaching some truly amazing people. I’ve also seen the range of clients diversify, something that was important to me to achieve. Training and learning continued – as I hope it always will – with  courses in NLP & Coaching (an RD Short course) ‘Facilitating with Ease – Advanced practice’ (A Rivca Rubin – Creating Momentum course) and most recently the ‘Thinking Partnership’ course (a Time to Think foundation course).

In 2013, as well as continuing my individual coaching work, I’m looking forward to delivering group coaching and workshops and to the opportunities that will come from exciting new relationships with some local creative organisations including Culture Shift and Magnetic North. Now, after a wonderful festive time with family and friends, I feel recharged and refueled, ready to get going on that list, and to leave space (maybe about half a cup?) for the unknown too.  

Happy New, 2013th, Year, dear reader. I hope your cup is half full too.